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"Dental Team Lucerne" is the name of the Competence Centre for Dental Medicine under the direction of Dr. Markus Schulte and located right at the heart of Lucerne's Neustadt quarter. It is the successor to Dr. Schulte's dental practice at Frankenstrasse 12 for the previous ten years. With the move to our new Dental Clinic at Winkelriedstrasse 37 in 2011, the name was changed to "Zahnarzt Team Luzern".

Modern dental medicine presents itself as a very comprehensive field; for that reason, no single dentist is able any more to achieve optimal mastery of all areas in knowledge and skills. The consequence of this is increasing specialisation in individual fields. For example, these days there are specialist dentists or specialist physicians in oral surgery, endodontics (root canal treatments), implantology, orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, reconstructive dentistry and periodontics.

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Our aim is to offer patients the best of two worlds: the comprehensive competence of a specialist team, but also - as before - the personal atmosphere and attention of a good dental surgery.

To live up to our ambition, we place particular emphasis on the selection and ongoing professional training of our highly skilled members of staff.
In our view, the continuous internal and external training of the entire team to keep up with medical progress is an unspoken obligation.  In the premises of our dental clinic, we have also provided the necessary prerequisites in terms of technology and equipment:

  • Sterile operation theatre for surgical interventions
  • Recovery room for post-anaesthesia patients
  • Integrated dental laboratory
  • Six modern treatment rooms
  • Department of paediatric dentistry with a separate child-friendly waiting and treatment room for children

Competence at the centre - the focus is on the patient:

Each patient has his own specific requests and requirements that we wish to meet. For that reason, we have directed our service provision specifically to meet the wishes and needs of our patients:

  • Flexible surgery hours from 7:30 am to 8.00 pm
  • Treatment also on Saturdays and early or late in the day
  • Innovative time-saving treatment concepts with as few sessions as possible for major or complex treatments (i.e. full mouth reconstruction).
  • Relaxed treatment with laughing gas or conscious sedation against fear and stress in the dentist's chair
  • Treatment under general anaesthetic on request or if required
  • For patients travelling from further afield, we are happy to book accommodation for their stay in Lucerne.

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Dental Team Lucerne
Clinic Dr. Schulte

Winkelriedstrasse 37
CH-6003 Luzern

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Competence Centre for Dental Medicine

  • Dr. med. dent. Markus Schulte
    Specialist in Oral Surgery


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Our services at a glance

Implant treatments
Dental implants allow us these days even in difficult cases to fit our patients with naturally looking fixed dentures, functionally equivalent to their own teeth. If the patient's own bone material is inadequate for implants, we have the option of building it up with a bone graft (e.g. sinus lift).
For many years now, one of the focal points of our work has been the total rehabilitation with implants as an immediate reconstruction with fixed dentures.
Dental aesthetics
Beautiful teeth and an attractive smile are your best assets and will be the first thing anyone notices about you. For that reason, dental aesthetics is one of our priorities. We offer the full range of modern dental aesthetics from gentle whitening of your teeth (bleaching), tooth-coloured (white) fillings and inlays to the total aesthetic reconstruction with ceramic veneers or metal-free full ceramic crowns. Our own in-house dental laboratory allows us to ensure the perfect fit of your dental prostheses.
Orthodontics (braces) for children, adolescents and adults
Crooked, badly aligned teeth have a negative impact on appearance and can also cause functional problems such as excessive tooth wear or jaw joint pain. Many people are not aware that corrective dental treatment with braces is just as feasible for adults as for adolescents and children. New invisible braces such as Invisalign and the innovative lingual technique make it possible to correct dental misalignment discreetly – completely incognito! Our orthodontists are certified specialists in these techniques and happy to advise you.
It is a common disease which - if left untreated - can result in the loss of the affected teeth. Furthermore, it can promote general disorders such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes or premature births. Periodontitis, whenever diagnosed, thus requires proper treatment by a specialist as soon as possible. With targeted gentle treatments such as deep scaling, laser treatments, antibiotics and bone regeneration, nowadays we can in many cases heal periodontitis completely.
Treatment of anxious patients
For many years, our practice has specialised in the treatment of extremely anxious patients (dentophobia). The aim of our tried and tested method is a lasting reduction of fear and anxiety. In addition to sympathetic and gentle treatment techniques, we also find laughing gas and sedatives helpful, and in some cases the solution may be a general anaesthesia.
In the same way that children are looked after by their own medical specialists, i.e paediatricians, there are now children's experts in dentistry, i.e. paediatric dentists, who are focused entirely on the dental care of our youngest patients. Our experienced paediatric dentist in her own specially designed suite (separate waiting and treatment room for children) offers the full range of paediatric dental services. For anxious children, there is also the option of treatment with laughing gas, sedatives or under general anaesthetic.
Halitosis clinic
Even though many people are affected by it, bad breath (halitosis) is a taboo subject that people do not like to talk about. Our halitosis clinic remedies this matter. Using sensitive electronic equipment, we can assess whether halitosis is actually present and if required start specific treatment plan.