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Zahnarzt Team Luzern would like to introduce their dental clinic and its facilities. In addition to important information on "Surgery hours and appointments", we invite you to a virtual tour of our new premises.

  1. Surgery hours and appointments
  2. Emergency treatment
  3. Virtual tour of our treatment centre

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Surgery hours and appointments

Surgery hours:

Monday to Friday: 7.30 am to 8.00 pm by appointment.
Saturday: by appointment

Making an appointment:

By telephone: 041 - 210 58 58
From outside Switzerland: 0041 - 41 - 210 58 58
Our telephone line is open from Mon - Fri from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm

For written communication please use our contact form

New patients:

For your first visit, please bring all dental records that you may have, particularly X-ray images. To save time, you can download our forms here, print them and complete them at home before you come to our clinic.

Emergency Treatment

  • Are you already one of our patients?
    For our registered patients, we always have emergency appointments available during our surgery hours. If you are in pain or have other urgent problems, please phone us as soon as possible during our surgery hours. We will do our best to see and help you on the same day. In particularly urgent cases outside of surgery hours, please contact the relevant emergency number for your canton of the SSO-Notfalldienst
  • You are not (yet) registered with us as a patient?
    You are very welcome to phone us during our surgery hours  and we will give you the next available appointment. Outside of surgery hours, please contact the relevant emergency number for your canton of the SSO-Notfalldienst

Virtual tour of our dental clinic

Our modern competence centre in Lucerne, Winkelriedstrasse 37, was built in 2011. On almost 400 m2, we offer our patients the full range of quality-oriented dentistry. In our welcoming, light and spacious premises, we make sure that technical equipment and facilities are state-of-the art. To name but some of the facilities available in our clinic:

  • Six spacious state-of-the-art treatment rooms
  • Integrated dental laboratory
  • Sterile operating theatre
  • Recovery room for post-anaesthesia patients
  • Separate treatment room for children
  • Separate waiting room for children
  • Digital X-ray
  • Seminar room
  • Wheelchair-friendly disabled access

Reception Desk

The reception desk is the organisational heart of our surgery. This is where we receive patients, administer appointments and take phone calls. With modern digital organisation and communication technology, we attempt to meet all of our patients' requirements.

Our particular emphasis is on the avoidance of unnecessary waiting times. However, it is not always possible to achieve this, as emergencies or patients in acute pain have to be given priority, and we ask for your understanding. In case of significant delays, we will always try to phone you in good time. For that reason, please provide us with your mobile number.

No one is infallible: If you do not trust your memory, why not use our reminder service: On request, we will remind you of our appointment by e-mail, SMS or a phone call. Please contact our surgery office for more information.

Waiting room with internet connection

Our comfortable waiting rooms offers a wide range of reading material. In addition, a PC with internet connection and our Wi-Fi is provided for your use.





We place particular emphasis on comprehensive consultation and advice of our patients. We are happy to conduct the first consultation in our welcoming office facilities. Particularly for patients with a fear of dentists (dental phobia), a relaxed atmosphere is essential for the development of a trusting relationship.


Clinic Treatment Surgery Hours

We have six state-of-the-art treatment rooms. Our treatment chairs are not only comfortable, but also provide a maximum level of hygiene and protection against infection, for example by automatic water disinfection.

Modern Treatment units Video

All treatment units are equipped with digital intraoral video cameras, allowing us to show you even those parts of the oral cavity which are difficult to access. This makes diagnosis easier and is an important tool in patient education. On these monitors, we can also show you informative images or videos on special treatment methods.

Laughing Gas Anxious Patients

The treatment of anxious patients has been for many years one of our main focal points. Our tried and tested approach includes the use of laughing gas.

Paediatric dentistry

Children in our practice enjoy their own dedicated area. The children's waiting room provides distraction, toys and entertainment; the waiting time thus creates a positive mood and attitude to the subsequent treatment.

Praxis Behandlung Zahn Wartezimmer Internetanschluss Paediatric dentistry children waiting room

Our paediatric dentist receives her young patients in a child-friendly ambience. Colourful pictures and exciting cartoons provide welcome distraction during treatment. This makes the child more approachable, reduces fear and anxiety and creates lasting positive images and memories.

Anxious children can be treated without stress using laughing gas or sedatives. If necessary, treatment under general anaesthetic is also an option.

Kinder Zahn Behandlung DVD Treatment of children

Oral surgery

For surgical procedures, we have our own operating theatre. State-of-the-art technical equipment allows us to perform surgical procedures as gently as possible under strictest observance of hygiene standards thanks to sterile environment for these procedures. For treatment under general anaesthetic or under twilight sedation, the theatre is equipped with powerful anaesthetic apparatus and ventilator as well as monitoring equipment/ ECG. In addition, a defibrillator is at hand so that we are also well equipped in an emergency. After surgery, our patients can rest comfortably in the supervised recovery room.

For general anaesthetics, we are ably supported by the experienced anaesthetic team from

Surgery operating room Surgery  DefibrillatorOral Surgery recovery room

Prophylaxis - Dental hygiene

Prophylaxis and oral hygiene are key to lasting dental and oral health. Our prophylaxis team consists of experienced dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants; they make sure that you receive the best possible care.

Dental hygiene Prophylaxis treatment


Sterile Hygiene Sterilisation Sterilisation

An important job in the background: the sterilisation room.

This is where all dental instruments are cleaned and sterilised. A complete hygiene chain and modern equipment ensure reliable safety.

Digital X-Rays


Digital X-ray technology: our dental surgery is completely digitalised. All patient data are entered into one of our PC workstations and stored on our central server. X-ray images are no exception. Digital X-ray offers many advantages over the conventional film-based procedure:

  • Radiation exposure of these procedures is up to 80% lower with excellent image quality
  • Immediate availability of the images that can be sent by email e.g.. to collegues or patients
  • Possibility of virtual treatment planning on the PC by digital image processing
  • Elimitation of ecologically harmful developer chemicals

We can take the following radiographs digitally in our office:

  • Intraoral X-rays: In each treatment room there is an x-ray machine for intraoral (in-the-mouth) tooth films. These small pictures are valuable, for example, for the diagnosis of caries and periodontal disease, since they enable very detailed images. As a rule, the teeth should be radiographically examined every two years, depending on the caries risk and other individual factors.
  • Panoramic radiograph: The orthopantomography (OPG) provides a panoramic overwiew of both jaws, the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and the maxillary sinuses. Therefore, this radiograph is indispensable for the planning of major treatments, e.g. implant treatments or removal of wisdom teeth. With our digital multifunctional X-ray machine, we are able to take extremely detailed OPG images with a particularly low radiation exposure.
  • Teleradiography: This lateral cranial image is important for our orthodontists in order to analyze the misalignment of teeth and jaws before an orthodontic treatment. Here too, the new technology allows a massive reduction in the radiation dose.
  • Digital voume tomography (DVT): The DVD, also called cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a form of computed tomography (CT) that is particularly suitable for dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, It provides a precise three-dimensional imaging of the jaws and facial bones.

The advantages of 3D imaging by DVT:

In our office we often treat complex cases that require an accurate planning. This is the case e.g. when all teeth have to be extracted and replaced with implants. Also in the case of bone reconstructions or complicated surgical removal of wisdom teeth, sometimes even with difficult root canal treatments, it is important to obtain a precise three-dimensional "insight" in the jaw bones and adjacent structures (e.g., the maxillary sinuses). We require as well precise 3D images for computer-guided implantation, a minimally invasive technique for implant placement. Our multi-function DVT device delivers millimeter-precise 3D images, which allow a particularly gentle surgical technique. In this way, the risk of serious complications, for example the injury of nerves and blood vessels, can also be reduced.

Our Dental Laboratory: Dentalia AG

A look into our surgery's own dental laboratory. Our dental laboratory team from Dentalia AG deal with the customised manufacture of your restaurations. Our dental technicians combine highly skilled and accurate manual work with the use of state-of-the-art technology such as digital scanners and CAD/CAM milling equipment for zirconia ceramics.

The use of modern materials such as zirconia and pressed ceramics makes it possible to achieve a perfectly natural appearance combined with the highest quality and durability.

Because our laboratory is an integral part of our surgery, we are able to offer a particularly personalised and speedy service for fitting your dental restauration.

Dental Lab Dental Lab Dental LabDental Lab Dental Lab