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Fixed Teeth in One Day

Improved quality of life with dental implants

When all teeth are missing or have to be removed and there is no desire to make do with removable dentures, the path to permanent teeth used to be quite long and painful.

In most cases, several operations were necessary in order first to extract the teeth, then to augment the bone (e.g. the sinus lift procedure) and finally, approx. 6 months later, to fit the implants which then needed to heal without loading. In the intermediate period of up to a year, patients had to contend with ill-fitting removable full dentures as a temporary measure and a considerable loss in quality of life.

In addition, the significant time and effort involved (bone augmentation plus 6-8 implants per jaw) led to extremely high costs, unaffordable for many patients.

To provide you with a factual overview of the options and methods for fixed teeth in a day, we have compiled comprehensive and illustrated information material that you can either read or print as a complete document Fixed teeth in one day (PDF file) or in sections.

The All-On-Four® technique: Four stable supports for a dazzling smile

The fastest path to fixed teeth:
The All-On-Four method requires no bone augmentation. Only a few hours after the operation, the provisional bridge is firmly screwed to the four implants.

Luckily, innovative surgical procedures are available now that make the path to permanent teeth significantly shorter and more affordable:

The All-On-Four method makes it possible to fit a fixed dental bridge for immediate restoration with only four implants per jaw. As a rule, this requires only one surgical procedure which can also be performed under general or twilight anaesthesia. Any teeth still in place can be removed at the same time. The posterior implants are fitted tilted at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Normally, there is no need for a bone augmentation and the technique permits the fitting of longer and particularly stable implants that can stand up to immediate loading with fixed dentures.

A few hours after the fitting of the 4 implants, a provisional bridge – produced in advance in our dental laboratory – is firmly screwed to the implants. The patient leaves our dental surgery with fixed teeth for immediate loading. The definite prosthesis is produced about three months later.

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How does it work? A brief explanation of the All-On-Four principle

X-ray image

The problem: bone loss

The X-ray of a patient prior to treatment shows the problem areas in implant treatment: highlighted in red are the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw and the sensory nerve to the lower lip in the lower jaw.

These anatomical structures which must not be impaired often impose serious restrictions on the available bone below the sinuses or above the nerve in the lower jaw. For that reason, it is often impossible to fit traditional implants in the posterior section of the upper and lower jaws without bone augmentation.

X-ray image

The solution: the proper angle

The All-On-Four technique avoids the anatomical "obstacles" outlined earlier by fitting the posterior implants inclined at a forward angle (30-45°). This makes optimum use of the generally better preserved bone in the anterior jaw regions and avoids contact with the sinuses and the nerve in the lower jaw. The inclination of the implants also allows the use of significantly longer and much more stable implants. In turn, this permits the immediate loading of the implants with a fixed bridge on the same day as the operation. Scientific studies have confirmed beyond doubt that in the long term, too, tilted implants function just as well as those fitted vertically.


X-ray image

Immediate loading

Titanium implants require approximately 2-3 months to bind firmly to the bone, or even up to 6 months after bone augmentation. This extremely stable connection between bone and titanium is known as osseointegration. Immediate loading is the term used for fitting a fixed prosthesis (e.g. a dental bridge) onto the freshly placed implants without waiting for the completion of this healing phase.

Immediate loading has significant advantages if all teeth have to be removed: instead of a removable denture, within hours of the operation the patient is fitted with a securely screw-retained dental bridge, which aesthetically as well as functionally satisfies even high demands.

The All-On-Four technique with its four stable implants spread across the dental arch is particularly suitable for immediate restoration. Many scientific studies have now shown that with careful planning and an experienced dental surgeon the success rate of immediately loaded implants is just as high as that of the traditional procedure.

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The advantages of the All-On-Four method


  • Fixed teeth in a day
  • No need for bone augmentation
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Only a single operation (general anaesthetic possible)
  • Lower costs (in comparison with 6-8 implants per jaw with bone augmentation)
  • Easier oral hygiene as only 4 implants require cleaning
  • Outstanding aesthetics that can be adapted individually
  • Screw-retained construction that makes prosthesis easy to repair if necessary
  • Scientifically proven excellent long-term success rates
  • Only a few treatment sessions necessary, thus also suitable for faraway patients

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