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Instrumente und Verfahren der Implantologie, Schemazeichnung

One of the main focuses of our practice is dental implants. Dr. Schulte has been treating patients with implants since 1986 and has placed well over 3000 implants to date. As a specialist in oral surgery he has followed the evolution of this relatively young discipline with active interest from the very beginning.

Until not so long ago patients with missing teeth had only two alternatives: If there were still two healthy adjacent teeth, these were filed down and a bridge fitted. But often enough the patients had to make do with a removable partial denture or even with full dentures. Apart from the unsatisfactory cosmetic result and the sometimes poor chewing function it is important to remember that removable dentures often constitute a serious psychological problem for the patient.

Zahnloser Kiefer vor Implantasbehandlung Zahnloser Kiefer nach Versorgung mit Implantaten

Visibly improved quality of life:
Toothless patient before and after receiving fixed implant supported replacement teeth. The good support for the lips and cheeks gives the face a fuller appearance and makes the patient look considerably younger.

Fortunately, with dental implants it is now possible in most cases to provide patients with permanent fixed restorations which look and feel just like natural teeth. The latest studies show that implants placed by an experienced implantologist have long-term success rates of 95%. This means that ten years after the implantation 95% of the implants are still fully functional. These long-term results are even considerably better than those obtained with conventional bridges or partial dentures. Today it is considered that properly inserted implants can last a lifetime. For this reason we give our patients a ten-year guarantee against implant loss.

In recent years implantology has undergone enormous development. From new diagnostic procedures such as  cone beam volumetric tomography (CBVT), to computer guided navigation for implant placement and immediate loading of the implants there are a number of new developments which promise the patient even more safety and comfort. However, unfortunately the big promises made in advertising and the media are not always fulfilled. On the booming implantology market there are also some dubious players around and it is not always easy for patients to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In order to give you a factual overview of the possibilities and limits of modern implantology this website contains extensive illustrated information which you can either print out as complete text Better quality of life with dental implants (pdf 2 MB, possibly longer download time) or read or print out section by section.

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