Costs and guarantee of implant treatment

In our practice we attach great importance to maximum cost transparency. As specialist practice with high costs for equipment and manpower we cannot and do not wish to compete with discount offers at home and abroad. What we do want is to offer our patients expertise at a fair price. Naturally the costs in each individual case will depend on the work involved (e.g. bone augmentation etc.) and we can only make a precise and reliable cost estimate after a thorough examination. At this point we only wish to give you a guide to the costs that you can expect for the most common treatments.

Some examples of the costs for implant treatment

Single-tooth implant without bone augmentation with ceramic crownSFR 4’500,- bis 5’500,-
Two implants with two crownsSFR 8’000,- bis 9’000,-
Bone augmentation or sinus liftSFR 700,- bis 3’000,-
Ball-retained dentures with 2-3 implantsSFR 12’000. bis 15’000,-
Bar retained dentures with four implantsSFR 20’000,- bis 25’000,-
Fixed implant bridge on 4-6 implants to replace all teeth, per jawSFR 20’000,- bis 35’000,-

For elaborate major treatments such as the replacement of all teeth with implants we offer our patients a guaranteed fixed price. This price will not be exceeded even if unforeseen additional procedures, e.g. bone augmentation or additional implants, become necessary during the treatment.

Do you want to convert the CHF prices (Swiss francs) to euros? Use the online currency converter.

Our ten year guarantee on implants

After more than 25 years of experience with several thousand of successfully placed implants we are convinced of the quality and longevity of our work. This is why we grant our patients a 10 year guarantee against the unlikely event of an implant loss:

If an implant exceptionally should not heal (get integrated) properly, become loose or break, it will be replaced by us free of charge within the guarantee period . The only condition: The control and hygiene appointments (2-3 times yearly) must be carried out regularly in our practice. Should problems as for example inflammations of gums or bone arise, these must be treated immediately, if necessary.

Excluded from the guarantee are damages from falling down, injury or accident or foreign interventions not authorized by us.