Aesthetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile – the sign of a positive attitude towards life

The mouth is not only for eating and breathing; it is also our most important means of communication, automatically drawing other people’s attention. It is therefore by no means surprising that beautiful teeth have been regarded as the epitome of an attractive and well-groomed body since ancient times. Archaeological finds show us just how much technical skill the inhabitants of those times used in attempting to improve oral aesthetics.

Today, patients expect not only functional, sound treatment results; they expect the dentist to improve their appearance. Brilliant white, even teeth are attractive and considered a sign of vitality and health. An attractive smile therefore boosts your self-confidence. A person with beautiful teeth will laugh more freely and often than someone with unsightly teeth they would rather hide. Modern aesthetic dentistry complies with the need for cosmetic improvement and does so in a gentle but permanent way: by altering shade, form, and position of the teeth, as well as through corrective gingival surgery.