Fixed teeth in one day: possibilities and limitations of modern implantology


Despite all the possibilities for preserving teeth offered by modern periodontology, there are still situations today where teeth must be removed. In some cases, a total renovation with the extraction of all teeth is unavoidable. If the affected patient did not want to settle for a removable full denture, but desired fixed dental prostheses on implants, this was often a long and painful process with multiple surgeries, bone reconstructions, and months of wearing removable provisional prostheses. An innovative surgical technique provides a solution: the All-On-Four method has been used worldwide for over 10 years. It enables immediate loading with fixed dental prostheses within a day with only one surgical procedure in many cases.

Oral surgeon Dr. med. dent. Markus Schulte presents the "All-On-Four®" method for total renovation (immediate loading with implants and fixed dental prostheses within 24 hours) based on numerous case studies from his work. The advantages and disadvantages of this technique are presented in detail.

After the lecture (duration approx. 1 hour, in German), the speaker is happy to answer questions from the audience.

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