Information for professional referrals

Explanatory note

Dear Colleagues,
As an experienced oral surgeon with more than 20 years of professional experience, I offer the following services to you and the patients you refer:

  • The entire spectrum of outpatient oral surgery and periodontics
  • Care and treatment of dentophobia patients and unwilling children
  • Treatment under intubation anaesthesia and conscious sedation
  • Halitosis clinic for patients with bad breath problems

All surgical procedures are performed in our own operating room equipped to the latest standards and with state-of-the-art instruments. As a standard rule, we perform all procedures under pulse-oximetric supervision, with the additional option of analgo-sedation for anxious patients if required.

Please feel free to contact me any time if you have further questions.

Range of services

  • Extraction of severely displaced retained teeth
  • Apicoectomy, including in the molar region
  • Periodontal diagnosis using IAI-Pado test 4.5, Pado-Gen-Test IL-1
  • Minimally invasive perio treatment, also with adjuvant laser decontamination
  • Periodontal flap surgery, if required with GBR/GTR, Emdogain
  • Mucogingival surgery, also with laser support
  • Augmentative pre- or peri-implantological bone augmentation (block transplants, GBR, sinuslift, split-crest, osteodistraction)
  • Accelerated bone and tissue regeneration thanks to the use of PRP- (Plateled-Rich-Plasma) thrombocyte concentrate, enriched with growth factors (PCCS method)
  • Endosteal implantation using Nobel Biocare, Straumann or 3i implants
  • Complete implant-prosthetic restoration with immediate functionality following the All-On-Four method
  • Zygomatic implants

Treatment under intubation anaesthesia

For treatment under intubation anaesthesia, the operating room as part of our clinic is equipped with modern anaesthetic and ventilation equipment as well as an ECG device to monitor vital functions. This allows us to perform procedures that take longer and/or are more invasive, such as

  • Extended bone augmentation
  • Bilateral multiple implantation/augmentation
  • Insertion of zygoma implants
  • Simultaneous extraction of several severely displaced wisdom teeth
  • Anxious patients (dentophobia), extreme gag reflex, restricted oral opening
  • Risk patients (possible local anaesthetic with anaesthetic standby)

Interested colleagues are welcome to assist in the procedures. It goes without saying that patients are referred back at the end of treatment with a detailed treatment report. Follow-up treatment (such as implant prosthetics) is only carried out at the express request of the referring colleague.