Gum Reconstruction - Beautiful Gum for Beautiful Teeth


An attractive smile is the harmonious composition of teeth and gums. Gingival recession, e.g. as a result of periodontal disease, can lead to a significant deterioration of the cosmetic appearance.

Gum or gingival recession(receding gum) is favored by particularly thin, sensitive gum tissue and is often caused by incorrectly brushing your teeth with brushes that are too hard. In contrast to periodontitis, the recession is not caused by inflammation. If necessary, the recession is treated by microsurgical gum reconstruction with and without gum transplants. 

Gum Reconstruction: When Gum Recedes

Gum recession or gingival recession refers to localised or generalised gum loss. The cause is either periodontitis, in which the bacterial inflammation first breaks down the jawbone and later the gum. However, gum recession is often caused only by particularly thin, sensitive gums or by incorrect tooth brushing with too hard brushes. In contrast to periodontitis, the gum loss in recession is not caused by inflammation. If necessary, the recession can be corrected through microsurgical gum reconstruction with a gum transplant, which is usually taken from the palate. However, there are now also mucosal substitutes made of collagen (e.g., Mucograft®), which can make the palatal graft unnecessary in some cases.

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