Sinuslift (Sinus floor augmentation)

A special kind of bone augmentation is the sinus lift. In the region of the back teeth of the upper jaw the large air-filled maxillary sinus often leaves insufficient bone mass for successful implant placement. Here the bone augmentation procedure known as sinus lift can help. Through an operative access from the mouth, the floor of the maxillary sinus is exposed and the membrane lining the sinus is carefully raised. The resulting space is filled with bone substitute material. In the case of sufficient height of the alveolar bone, the implants can be immediately placed. If the bone thickness is insufficient for stable anchorage of the implant, the bone is first built up and implants are placed into the reconstructed bone after six months.

The video simulation shows how the sinus lift procedure is performed.

Scientific studies have shown without any doubt that in the case of maxillary sinus floor elevation (sinus lift) the results obtained with artificial bone are just as good as those obtained with autograft bone. For this reason we use only bone substitutes such as Bio-Oss® for the sinus lift procedure and thus spare our patients the harvesting of autogenous bone.

Internal sinus lift:
In some cases, the sinus lift can also be performed as a minimally invasive procedure without a lateral bone window: With the “internal sinus lift” or “sinus lift according to Summers”, the floor of the maxillary sinus is “knocked” upwards from the outside with light hammer blows on suitable instruments (osteotome).

Alternatives to the sinus lift:
In spite of all progress, bone augmentation always carries certain risks. For example, the bone graft can be lost through a wound infection. For this reason we try to avoid major bone augmentation wherever possible. New procedures help us to do this: Three-dimensional X-rays and computer guided implantation enable us to make optimal use of the available bone and with innovative methods such as All-On-4 und zygomatic implants we can often do without bone grafting entirely.